The Ultimate Avocado Toast ;)

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Isaiah 26:4

The Ultimate Avocado Toast

I’m just gonna be an absolute classic foodie right now and post an avocado toast recipe and, honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t done this already. So, being a student, toast is (unfortunately) my go-to meal. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up having just toast with vegan butter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and usually chuck a few baked beans on there for dinner haha). Not exactly the most nutritionally dense diet in the world.

Needless to say, that’s not healthy and has in no way helped my studies! A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I need to start putting more effort into my meals (and that includes when I’m not making a ‘what I ate today’ video, or posting my breakfast on Instagram!!) but you know, no matter how much I try, I cannot let go of my beloved toast completely (and quite frankly, I don’t think I should have to!)

I mean, toast can be healthy, too! When you’ve got a whole lotta goodness going on alongside it, toast can be both wonderfully convenient and nutritionally dense, too. So, I’ve been having avocado on toast for lunch for the past week or so (no, I haven’t gotten bored of it yet and if I ever do I’ll probably cry) which has given me ample opportunity to perfect my recipe! Avocado on toast can be so much more than just two slices of bread with an avocado mashed over them. If that’s the only way you’ve tried it… I’m so sorry. Please don’t lose faith in the avocado toast. Try it this way, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination (Willy Wonka, 1971) (okay so I’ve been writing dissertations for far too long) (I can’t stop referencing).

Here’s my favourite way to make my beloved avocado on toast:


1 Avocado
Pink Himalayan Salt (regular salt will do, but my gosh if you haven’t tasted pink Himalayan salt what is wrong with you???)
Habanero sauce (Sriracha will do if you don’t like too much spice)
The juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tbsp Hummus
1/2 tbsp Tahini
2 slices of seeded/wholemeal bread

I know this seems like a lot of ingredients for a simple meal of avocado toast, but bear with me here, it’s super quick and easy to make I promise!!!

First off, you need to get your avocado (yes we’re using the whole avocado, none of that ‘avocado is too high in fat’ crap here, avocado is good) and you gotta remove the seed, slice it up, then spoon out the avocado into a bowl.

Next, add the turmeric, salt, and habanero to the bowl, and mash it all up together.

Now it’s time to add the hummus and the tahini!

Once that’s all mixed in, squeeze out the juice of half a lemon into the bowl, and mix it all together well. It should get all nice and creamy!

Now all that’s left to do, is spread the mixture all over your toast nice and thickly, sit down and enjoy!

I hope this recipe brings you as much yummy satisfaction as it does me!

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be”
Matthew 6:21


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