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“None like you has been before you and none like you shall arise after you.”
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Good morning, guys!
I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for good instagram accounts. I’ll spend ages scrolling through their feed, admiring the theme, the colours, the use of space, the depth of field, the lighting, the filters… I love it. Because of this, whenever I find a new instagram account that is just so aesthetic, it’s super exciting! Instagram is an amazing way to connect with people, to share creativity, to encourage and support each other (I like everything haha, I just love to show support to people I follow! I see a like as saying “yes, i support this creativity in you”) Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all supported and ‘liked’ each other’s creativity? Creativity is what sets our hearts on fire. It doesn’t matter how skilled or technical our creations are, what matters is that we’re creating, and in doing that, we’re refreshing our imaginations, exciting our senses, keeping our view of the world and our lives fresh and new and exciting.


On that note, I would absolutely love to share my favourite instagram accounts as of right now with you guys. I also would love to make this a kind of ‘thing’, maybe once a month I share my favourite instagram accounts, youtube channels, products, clothes, recipes, etc. that I’ve been obsessing over that month!! After all, sharing is caring, and I’d love to be able to pass on the inspiration that I personally received from these things! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see that kind of thing on this blog, or *like* this post to show your support for these ‘Top 10’ of the month posts!


Top 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


  1. Annie Tarasova.
    Annie’s Instagram feed really is gorgeous. It’s clear that she spends time really thinking about how each image will work together, and what filters will bring out the kind of vibes she’s aiming for. It’s this attention to detail, as well as her use of space, colours, and backgrounds that really makes her account stand apart.Not only is her feed gorgeous, but anyone can see from her selfies and her writing that she is such a bright soul. She’s absolutely beautiful, not just on the outside but in her heart, too. She’s vegan, she only promotes ethical companies, and she is always encouraging and supportive to her followers, often replying to comments and making videos upon their request.If you’re not following Annie, yet, you need to! Her love and light radiates through her social media and you will leave her page feeling so much more uplifted, inspired, and at peace than you were when you came to it.
  2. Maximiliane Hansen15102168_10154682697704417_1679915023_oMaxi is literally best friend goals, sister goals, girlfriend goals, insta feed goals, and fashion goals all wrapped up into one! The message that she promotes, that of female strength, of individual worth, of compassion, love, ethical living, and having fun is a much needed message. She’s the most badass feminist girl I follow, and I love her for it. She talks about self-love, about not letting societal expectations of how your body should look dictate how you see yourself and where you place your worth.She preaches individual freedom and growth and full embodiment of who you are, and her hundreds of thousands of followers benefit so much from hearing this. She really is a light in the darkness, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, to do what she wants to do, to be who she wants to be, and that makes her such a powerful figure to so many young people who follow her.Not only this, but her talented, creative mind is amazing! Her images are gorgeous, her captions, filters, use of space and subject matter are always on point, and her attitude to her Instagram account is amazing, too. She promotes a vegan, compassionate, ethical lifestyle, and she’s honest and open with her followers. Another amazing girl spreading a really positive message that we should all take the time to absorb and take on board. Follow maxi if you’re not doing so already, you will not regret it!
  3. Lara15134062_10154682698104417_1712502155_o
    I met Lara at a vegan meet-up in Amsterdam, so I can say first hand what a lovely person she is! We chatted for hours and got more food together after the meet-up, and she is such great company. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she’s also really ethically minded, being vegan and living compassionately is super important to her, which is a wonderful message to be spreading to her thousands of followers.Lara’s Instagram feed id always on point. It always makes me feel cozy and warm, like I’m about to eat a yummy meal before going on an adventure! And the ‘film’ effects over some of her posts give them such a warm, authentic look. It’s not just her photographs that are pleasing to the eye, but what’s in them, too! The food she posts looks absolutely delicious, and she’ll have you craving pancakes as soon as you go to her feed!Lara is also super honest and open on her Instagram, and always so supportive of her followers and those she follows. She’s honest about her every day life and what’s going on with her, and she always comments on other peoples photos and gets really involved in the community. Definitely give Lara a follow, you’ll be really happy that you did!
  4. Lissi15126137_10154682697539417_164335788_o
    Where do I even start with Lissi?? I’ve known Lissi for something like four years now. We met on tumblr back when we both had anorexia recovery blogs and we used to talk and help each other out and encourage each other to keep pushing through the difficult times in our lives. It’s so, so wonderful to see how far she has come since those days. I’m incredibly proud of this girl. She’s now helping others who have been through similar things and she’s doing an amazing job at it, too!Just one look at her Instagram feed will show her natural talent and creativity! Every single thing that she posts has my mouth watering and my stomach rumbling, regardless of whether I’ve just eaten a big meal or not!! The food that she creates, the way she displays it, the backgrounds, the photography, the filters, the use of space and the way each photo fits so well amongst the others… this girl knows what’s she’s doing and she’s doing it well. If you follow Lissi, you can expect to see a lot of healthy food inspiration, ideas, tips, etc. There’s no reason not to follow her, really! I mean, c’mon, just look at those pancakes!!!
  5. Emily Smith15152965_10154682698944417_346095151_o
    I found Emily’s page through Annie’s (they’re besties) and I fell in love with it!! She’s another open, honest, down to earth girl who is incredibly creative and talented and the quality of everything she does is just so so high. It’s hard to believe that she’s only 21! Her work is amazing and the message that she spreads matches up to this. Another vegan, she’s kind, encouraging, supportive, she loves people and the planet and all that’s within it, and she will set your heart ablaze with a passion and excitement for the beauty of this planet that we call home.She also has a blog, peachypages (which you should 100% check out too), which is just another place where her beauty radiates. She is such an amazing human being, and you would for sure be missing out by not following her life and drawing inspiration from her content.
  6. Stefanie Moir15126149_10154682697379417_1555343841_o
    If anyone is the definition of ‘goals’, it’s Stef! She’s Scottish (which I love, because I’m English, so I feel like we could actually be friends haha), she’s hilarious (check out her YouTube channel to see more of that), she’s vegan, she lifts, she’s down to earth and doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s in such a cute relationship (check out her boyfriend Marco’s instagram, too), and she’s incredibly talented at what she does.She just makes you feel like her best friend, she talks to her followers and her viewers like she knows us, like we’re all on the same page, all on this journey of life together. She also offers so much encouragement and support to everyone that she connects with!! She recently launched a website, Vegan Aesthetics, where she provides one-to-one coaching for people looking to get out of bad habits and lead healthier, fitter, more active and more nutritionally abundant lifestyles!Her Instagram feed is gorgeous, too! The theme and her images and her genuine, down-to-earth nature mean that whenever one of her posts pop up on my feed, I can’t help but smile, and be encouraged in my own social media journey! Definitely check out Stef’s Instagram. It’s just not possible to see it and not feel motivated to work on yourself (in the most healthy, motivational, feel-good way!)
  7. Kristen Leo14959169_10154682697044417_1244872117_o
    Honestly, I’m a little bit in love with Kristen. She’s another girl-power Instagram queen and you would 100% be missing out if you didn’t follow her. It’s pretty obvious that her images are such a high quality, her theme is really pleasing to the eye, she has the most gorgeous hair in the world and she seems to travel to the most amazing places on the planet.That’s not the only reason to follow this girl, though. She’s honest, she speaks up, she’s promoting compassionate living, ethical clothing, cruelty-free makeup, a vegan diet, positivity, self-love, authenticity, connection, gratitude, and a generally healthy, balanced and joyful way of living. This girl is beyond inspiring. Check out her page (her youtube channel is pretty great, too)
  8. Ellen Fisher15102153_10154682696924417_1310227111_o
    Guys. Ellen Fisher. I don’t know where to begin. Her kindness, her motherly love, her positivity and compassionate lifestyle, her gentle parenting, her openness and her desire to spread love, good energy and help to anyone who will listen. She’s such a gorgeous soul, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from following this woman.She has the absolute cutest little boys, Elvis and Sandy, and her posts always make me so excited for my future little family! Also, bonus, she lives in Hawaii, so there’s no end to the gorgeous scenery and beach picnics that she posts. Check out her Instagram, and just try to not fall in love with her and her family (it’s not possible!!!)
  9. Samara LeMerleimg_5478
    Samara is without a doubt one of the absolute lovelist people I have met online. She’s got a real heart for sharing a positive, loving, healthy message and she does it in such a gentle and caring way. She’s so supportive and encouraging, replying to comments and commenting on other people’s posts, too. She has written two ebooks with some absolutely amazing recipes on them (you can find them here and here), and the images she posts on Instagram are always so beautifully presented!It’s super obvious that she’s incredibly creative, and honestly the best vegan baker I have come across!! Some of the things that she comes up with are absolutely mind-boggling – I never would’ve thought to make them vegan, but she seems to do it with such ease, like it comes really naturally to her! I’m honestly jealous of her friends that live close to her, she seems the kind of girl you could spend hours with chatting about life over yummy baked goods. Follow Samara, she’s the lovelist person ever and will provide you with endless foodie inspiration!
  10. Tess Begg15133941_10154682697619417_1594348289_o
    Tess is a vegan fitness queen. It helps that her boyfriend is an amazingly skilled photographer (check out his Instagram here). She works out, she eats a lot of great food, she promotes health and abundance and compassionate living. She is such a great role model because she never promotes anything other than being true to who you are, and making yourself a healthier, fitter and happier version of you.She doesn’t buy into crap from the media, she’s open and honest and incredibly sure of herself. So rare for a woman so young, but she’s in such an amazing position to spread a message of love and positivity and she does it so well. Her followers adore her, and for good reason!! Her posts are magical, the colours, filters, use of space.. everything about her Instagram feed is just so aesthetic, it makes my eyes so very happy!


There you have it – 10 of my favourite Instagram accounts right now!! In case you’re curious, I also have an Instagram account (obviously, haha)


Perhaps not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the ones I’ve mentioned above, but I’m getting there! I cannot wait to invest more time and creative energy into my Instagram feed, I’ve been incredibly inspired by writing this post! I love photography, connecting with others, and spreading a positive message, so I want to put much more of my energy into doing that.

I always aim to share with you guys things that I genuinely love and that enrich my life, because hopefully that means that they will enrich yours, too. Leave your own Instagram accounts in the comments, I’d love to check them out (I’m always on the lookout for fresh inspiration!) who knows, maybe you’ll become one of my new favourites and will be featured in my next ‘Top 10’ accounts.


“We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand”
Isaiah 64:8


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