My 5 Morning Rituals


“They shall flourish like the grain, they shall blossom like the vine”
Hosea 14:7

5 Morning Rituals

Good morning lovely people,

In today’s post, I’m going to give you 5 morning rituals that I (try to) do every morning to get myself into the right mindset for the day. These are things that I’ve had to learn to do over the years, not only to help manage the mental illness I suffered with, but also to deal with stressful times, busy schedules, exam prep, essay writing, heavy workloads, etc. etc.

We all get bogged down every now and then with the daily stresses of living. It can often feel (especially at uni) as though one thing just keeps getting piled on top of another, and each lecturer doesn’t seem to understand that you already have a million and one articles to read for another lecturer’s class, as well as two dissertations to be reading for (shout out to all my fellow joint honours students, the third year JH struggle is very real).

In times like these, I find it incredibly important to have a morning routine. I’m a morning person anyway; I’m 100% more productive in the morning. If you ask me to do anything productive or that in some way requires an adequate amount of mental aptitude after around 7pm, I mean, I’ll try, but like, it’ll suck.

Which means that the morning time is super important for me. If I neglect my mornings, I just know that I’m not going to have a wholly productive or satisfying day, and that’s a real shame, because each day offers something brand new to contribute to our experience of living, and I for one want to embrace each and every day’s opportunities to their fullest! And that includes those off days where I don’t even leave the house – because those days have so much to offer us, too! Starting off ‘lazy days’ well is the trick to feeling good about having them. Pyjama days are awesome, and contribute a huge amount to our mental well-being, when approached and embrace with the right mindset.

So, with that in mind, here are 5 morning rituals that enhance my every day experience of living. I really do hope that, if you try any out, they can contribute to your happiness and readiness to face each day in a positive mindset, too.

  1. Schedule out your day

paradiseI guess this is the kind of thing you need to do the night before. Every night, I write out in my planner what I’m going to to the next day and when, and it really does help so much with getting things organised in your head and being productive, because there’s no time for procrastination, you gotta stick to your schedule!! 😉 Just remember to schedule in some ‘me time’ every day where you can chill out and spend time doing whatever you want.

This is a double win, because you end up getting your work done, and you don’t feel guilty about your ‘time off’. I feel like we’ve all been there – there’s a deadline or an exam or something coming up, and every minute that you spend not doing some revision or writing or working, you feel incredibly guilty and as though you’re just wasting time. But, we all need down time!! If you’ve got your day planned out and have scheduled in some chill time, then you can enjoy it guilt-free, knowing that you’ve done your work for the day.

Each morning, I take out my diary and check what I need to do for that day. It helps me to focus my mind so much and get on with the things that need to be done, and enjoy it all the while because I know that I’m not behind, I’m being productive, and I don’t need to be in a rush, because this is scheduled time. (maybe I’m an organisational freak and am the only one who gets excited about being on time and having my day scheduled haha, but hey, it helps me out a lot!)

2. Get your body moving


The first thing I do in the morning is workout. Whether that’s a simple 5 minute stretch, some sun salutations and maybe a bit of mindful breathing, or whether it’s a 30 minute HIIT workout or a jog, I just want to get my heart beating and my blood flowing. It’s a great way to wakeup, it gets me hungry for breakfast (not that I need much help with that, but if you’re the kind of person who isn’t hungry first thing in the morning, doing a little fasted workout will definitely help with that!)

I feel as though the morning is one of the best times to work out, because you can go through your day knowing that you’ve already exercised and don’t need to try to fit a workout in anywhere else! Also, since I’m a student, I spend a lot of my day sitting around reading, writing, studying, etc. (or writing blog posts and making YouTube videos, which I probably shouldn’t be spending so much time on in the lead up to exams and essay deadlines…) but that entails a lot of sitting down in one place, so knowing that Ive got my body moving in the morning makes me feel so much better about not moving much throughout the rest of the day!

3. Eat a healthy breakfast


This is so, so important. Your breakfast is the first thing that goes into your body each day, so set a precedent with it. Your body needs an adequate supply of nutrients to function optimally, so you’re going to feel your best, be your most productive and organised self, think the most clearly and have the most energy when your body is supplied with lots of healthy food with lots of calories and vitamins and minerals.

Calories are energy and the more you get from a healthy source, the better!! Often, my breakfast is the biggest meal of the day (since I usually have two breakfasts) I like to start with fruit, and then move on to having something a bit more substantial like a big banana smoothie, or porridge with nuts and dried fruit, or granola, or even pancakes, which feels great after a little morning workout!

4. Read the Bible, spend time with God, invite Him into your day


I cannot stress this one enough. I see a very, very clear contrast between the days that I make time for God in the morning and the days that I don’t. I’ve been so guilty of thinking I have far too much work to be done before my seminar to read the Bible, that I should read the articles I’m going to be discussing instead, or I should write another 500 words of my essay instead, etc.

The thing is, without fail, every single time that I put uni work aside to spend some concentrated time learning about God and being with Him in the mornings before I go into uni, I always have a better day. I am always able to recall what I have read better, the class discussion ends up gearing towards the bits that I did manage to read, and the stuff that I set aside to focus on God is rarely ever even brought up. It’s such a reminder that God is so much greater than anything else I could be experiencing right now. No matter what circumstances I’m in, no matter how much time I think I do or don’t have, God needs to come first because when He does, everything else goes well, too.

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him”
Romans 8:28

5. Practice gratitude


Last but not least, start your day in the mindset of gratitude. You might have guessed by now that I’m very paper and pen based! I love writing things down, it gets them out of my head and onto the paper where I can see them in a straightforward manner, without them circling in my mind. So, a lot of my tips are based around documenting and writing. For you, it might be drawing, or watching, or listening (for example, you might like to watch a sermon in the morning rather than write notes in your bible, or listen to worship music and sing praises)

However feels most natural to you to practice gratitude, do that. I love writing things down because it makes them feel more substantial, like they now exist in the world outside of my mind! I think that it’s a really amazing way to start your day, because there will be many mornings when you’re naturally more inclined to think about all of the things you need to do, the annoying things that happened yesterday, something that you’re dreading later on in the week, etc. So, taking time out to instead refocus your energies onto gratitude and those things in your life that bring you peace, joy and safety will completely shift the way that you approach your day. It’s about where we focus our attention and what emotions and thoughts we give importance and weight to. It affects us way more than we’d expect it to, so it’s really important to be aware of our mindset and making positivity and gratitude a priority.

so that’s it!

Those are five things that I (try to) do every single morning, and every time I do, my day always ends up going better than when I neglect them. I know that we’re all so different and have different ways of setting ourselves up for the day, so I want to hear from you! What kinds of things do you like to do in the morning? How do you get yourself in a good mindset to face the rest of the day? Leave me a comment and let me know!

“You will call our sins into the depths of the sea”
Micah 7:19


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